CHRISTMAS. It’s only a two sleeps away. If you’re feeling the onset of a heart-pounding frenzy, fear not, you’re not alone! Here are some very last minute tips to get you through, so you can enjoy the holiday season without the added stress (and potential meltdowns).


1. Write a food preparation schedule for Christmas Day.
2. Collect flowers or have them delivered to your home.
3. Pick up turkey or your leg of ham no more than two days before Christmas Day.
4. Collect seafood the day before it’s required.
5. Ensure all cameras are fully charged and ready to go.
6. Keep wrapping paper and ribbons from open gifts to reuse throughout the year.
7. Have a few spare generic gifts set aside for unexpected guests.
8. Create a playlist for Christmas lunch so you can enjoy the day (Old school Mariah works a treat).
9. Stock up on dips, cheese, crackers and drinks so you’re not caught short.
10. Write out all your gift labels before you wrap presents so you’re not confused.



Good Luck and Merry Christmas everybody, we hope you have a wonderful festive season filled with friends, family and lots of food & love!


–  The Team at Abode



Tips courtesy of homelife.com.au

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